October 2023 Athletes of the Month

Olivia Peck

 Success isn't always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come. -Dwayne Johnson

Someone once told me life is so much harder when you go through it without a smile on your face. I think Olivia Peck, our October Athlete of the Month, heard those words at some point in her life. It is great to see Olivia working at the BBC. Whether it is with Onix Mercado, Danielle O’Neil, or with Katie Jenkins and the fall group, she is always in a great mood and it can’t help but lift your spirits. Olivia is a workhorse as well. She has come a long way in her skill development and you know it is because she works a lot outside of the facility on her own trying to perfect her mechanics. Congratulations Olivia, you are very deserving of the October Athlete of the Month Award.

Olivia has been coming to the facility for a few years now. She started with attending hitting classes and then added individual lessons; hitting with Onix Mercado and pitching with Danielle O’Neil. She is a tireless worker, and she goes about her business with such a positive attitude. Danielle O’Neil, who has been doing pitching lessons with Olivia, said, “Olivia has worked with me over the last year, she consistently comes in every week. She loves getting new drills so she can work on them at home with her Dad. Her hard work and willingness to learn continues to pay off for her.” Katie Jenkins, our Fall Softball Coordinator, said about Olivia, “Olivia has a great passion for softball and learning new skills. She soaks up new drills and information and is able to apply them to game situations. She has no fear on the softball diamond and pushes herself to be the best self. She is a great model for focus, effort and dedication.”

Congratulations to you Olivia; keep up the hard work and continue to smile along the way.

Coach Joyce