Bandit Contract

The following expectations have been developed by the coaches and staff of the Braintree Bandits AAU Program. They are non-negotiable. Players and parents must initial each and sign at the bottom before joining our program. Thanks
___ ____ I will always show effort, great attitude and concentration while attending practices and games; these are things I can control. If these are given day in and day out, I will have a great experience.
____ ____ I will show up to play every time I take the field. My shirt will be tucked in, my hat on straight. I will show hustle from the first step out of the dugout to the last step in.
____ ____ We will be accepting of our child’s role and not question the coach for the decisions he makes. We know that decisions are based off what is best for team. We will respect the 24 hour policy and not contact a coach until 24 hours after the game with a comment or concern.
____ ____ We will communicate our absences from games and practices in advance. Family comes before sports yet we understand absences will result in repercussions out of respect to those boys who were present. (ex. Running, altered playing time) The Bandits do not forfeit games. Schedules will be given to parents early by coaching staff and any conflicts will be communicated early so changes can be made for tournaments, regular season games, etc.
____ ____ We will show constant respect to the officials of the game. Players will not pout, shake their head or say anything to an umpire. The same goes for parents. We understand that it is the coach’s job and he will say something to officials if warranted, not anyone else.
____ ____ We, as parents, will let the coach’s coach. We acknowledge that we have paid you to teach our kids and will drop them off on time and pick them up after and in between they are yours. We will be a silent and constant source of support and will not add any added pressure on our child.
____ ____ I (player) will at all times show respect to coaches, fellow peers and most importantly all members of my family. I understand that if I violate this I may face repercussions (running, altered playing time and/or possible suspension)
____ ____ I (player) will also show great attitude and behavior in school and in the community. I will bring my report card to practice when they are distributed for coach’s review to make sure there are no bad comments and/or grades lower than a C. If a report card reflects poor grades and/or bad comments I understand there will be a parent/coach/player meeting to discuss reasons and also possible tutoring at club to help situation.
____ ____ I (player) will always respect the Braintree Baseball Club facility. I will clean up cages and any other area used by my team and also the locker room when done. I will respect equipment at facility and field. I will never show temper and throw equipment.
In return, Coaching Staff and Administration promise to
 Communicate with parents in a timely fashion any changes of practice or game in a timely fashion
 Show up on time and show courtesy and respect to all players and parents
 Present parents with a schedule as soon as complete to help with family planning I agree to everything above and understand all expectations _________________________ __________________________________ Player’s Signature and Printed Name Parent’s Signature and Printed Name

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