July 2021 Athlete of the Month

John Dee

Individual commitment to a group effort-- that is what makes a teamwork, a company work, a society work, a civilization work -Vince Lombardi

We have always stressed how important it is for a person in our program to be a great teammate. Being a great teammate means caring just as much about your peers as you care about yourself. You take great pride in what you and your teammates accomplish and you are always looking to pick up your teammates when needed. Being a good teammate will trickle into other aspects of life; being a good sibling, a good child for your parents, and also being a respectful and contributing member in your community. Being a good teammate more than anything will prepare you for what lies ahead. Congratulations to John Dee, our July Athlete of the Month, recognized as a great player and teammate in our program.

John is a member of our 12u Bandit team. He has been a member of Bandits AAU program since he was 10. During the two years in the program, John has always presented himself as a respectful and talented young man. In my encounters with John, I have noticed he is a very good student of the game. He is always listening and then open to working on new mechanics taught to him. More than anything I have witnessed his communication and leadership amongst his peers. He is quick to help and is always positive in the way he addresses his teammates. Kevin Perdios, the 12u Head Coach, stated about John, “John is a kid that shows up and leads by example every day. He is one of the hardest working players. He is a great athlete; an even better person. He is very coachable and will do whatever is asked of him for the betterment of the team. Keep up the great work John and Congratulations!”

Congrats John and continue to work hard and be a great teammate.

Coach Joyce