February 2021 Athlete of the Month

Lauren Stenmon

Everyone of us is an inspiration to someone. For it is true, It is not what we take, but what we leave behind. So always remember someone is looking out for you. -Lee Wilcox

This year I started teaching more softball classes and I have really enjoyed it. I have met a variety of young female athletes; some very timid looking to build confidence, to fierce competitors who are just looking to fine tune before the season. It has been a true pleasure working with them and there is no greater feeling than watching them leave with a smile on their face. No one has caught my attention more than our February Athlete of the month, Lauren Stenmon. Lauren is a fierce competitor who always shows up looking to learn and grow, but more than that she is a great leader, always looking to help others in the class.

At the beginning of each class, there are a lot of moving pieces. From taking attendance, changing cages, etc. The coaches need someone to rely on to get the athletes going. Lauren has stepped up in that role and began uniform stretches with the girls to make sure no time is wasted. During the class, not only is she listening and making adjustments, she is seen helping other players with their development. She is a true leader and a very caring and inspiring young athlete. I believe a lot of the girls in the class admire and look up to Lauren. Bill Berman, who has worked a long time with Lauren, said “Lauren brings a positive energy to every workout. She is focused and driven while looking to help other players with her words and example. She is a real asset to our softball program and a pleasure to coach. She crushes softballs, too. A great talent and a better person- just the way we like them.”

Keep working hard Lauren and good things will follow.

Coach Joyce