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June 2020 Athlete of the Month

Timmy Evans

"Lead from the back- and let others believe they are in front." 
-Nelson Mandela 

Leadership is vital to success on a baseball diamond. Without it, there is chaos. When there is quality leadership, players are focused in their efforts and common goals are created. Leaders can be loud and inspiring with their words while others can inspire just by their play and personality. As we return to the diamond, after months of isolation, Timmy Evans, our June Athlete of the Month, has continued to lead his 12u peers to what is hopefully a successful summer season.

Timmy has never been the most vocal individual. He has a quiet demeanor, but because of his size, ability and personality, his teammates have always looked up to him as the leader. Timmy has worked hard for this role. He has spent time in the winter at catching classes and also attending his aau and little league practices. You see him at least 3/4 times a week at the club. During these times, everyone can see Tim making every second of his workouts count. He does his work, makes his adjustments based off constructive criticism and is always polite and respectful to his peers and coaches. Now that we have returned to practice, you see the others feeding off of Timmy’s hard work ethic. Behind Tim’s leadership, the 12u Bandits have been working hard as they prepare for games this month. Coach Fox, his Bandits Head Coach, said about Tim, “Timbo is a very kind, hardworking and intelligent player. He is one of the most coachable kids I have ever coached.” Timmy has truly been a pleasure to observe at the BBC and field.

Thanks Timmy for your work ethic and leadership, keep it up!

Coach Joyce